We have a number of used/repaired serviceable spinners and associated parts on hand and available for purchase.  To find out if we have the part you're looking for, email us at or call us at 404-559-1946.

PA31 Navajo/Chieftain Products

Quick Release Nose Link Kit

This assembly allows quick disconnection of scissors assembly for towing to prevent the possibility of broken trunnions. It installs in minutes and disconnects in seconds without special tools. It is interchangeable with Piper hardware. At $1,100 it is great insurance against costly trunnion repairs.
To learn more about this product, email or call us at 404-559-1946.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Bulkhead

Redesigned to eliminate fatigue related failures, this unit will be the last bulkhead you buy. We chose the most fatigue resistant aluminum available, made it thicker and increased the bend radii. A minimum of 17 times the fatigue life is expected. Call for price, we won't be undersold!
To learn more about this product,  or call us at 404-559-1946.
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