Quick Release Nose Link Kit Installation

NOTE: All work must be accomplished in accordance with the FAA approved installation drawing 31003, the Piper Maintenance Manual, or FAA AC43.13-IA.

1. Determine which P/N links are currently installed (ref. Note 3 of install. dwg.) and replace lower link if required.

2. Remove and store the upper link.

3. Clean landing light housing and install "STOW HERE" placard.

4. Drill letter "F" hole through both surfaces of the landing light housing. Use caution to prevent damage to wires or strut.

5. Install 31002-001 Link Assembly on strut lug with countersink and relief chamfer down to allow for clearance in the fully collapsed position. The lower link may have to be removed and flipped for proper mating. Secure upper link with hardware provided. Use AN960-516L washers to remove any free-play. Also check strut shoulder bushings and replace as necessary. Install nut finger tight and then use wrench to align cotter pin hole. Do not exceed 30 inch - pounds of torque.

6. Secure lanyard to upper link with hardware provided. Nut should be on top side to provide adequate clearance in the collapsed condition.

7. Clean top-surface of upper link and install "RECONNECT SCISSORS BEFORE REMOVING TOWBAR" placard.

8. Lubricate nose gear links per Piper Maintenance Manual.

9. Insert supplement in Flight Manual.

10. Complete logbook entry, FAA form 337, and return aircraft to service. Weight and balance change is negligible.