FAA-Approved Welded Spinner Repairs


Spinner Repair Cost:  Typically $575-$675 (ref details below)                                                                                            (plus return shipping, additional charges may apply for low-pitch stop hole & other repairs)


Turn-Around Time:  Typically 2-3 business days                                                                                         (additional days may be required for extensive repairs)


Ready to send yours? Easy. Go to the Shipping page, print out the form, fill it in, drop in the box with your spinner, and ship it to us! We will contact you once received (if needed), and when it\\\\\\'s complete to get return shipment instructions and payment information.


Extend the life of your spinners at a reasonable price. ASE specializes in high quality aluminum welding of aircraft spinners for all makes and model of spinners such as Cessna, Piper, Beech, Grumman, Diamond and many others. We\\\\\\\'ve repaired over 11,000 in the past 25 years of being in business!

Turn time on most spinner repairs is 2-3 business days once it arrives.  Expedite repair turn time of 1-2 days available for AOG (additional charges may apply).

Our FAA-approved repair processes include:

  • Welding to repair cracks, missing material, and excessively worn holes
  • Removal of dents and dings (note that results may vary, depending on incoming condition - please contact us)
  • Doubler repairs (additional charge)
  • Front face damage repair (additional charge)
  • Internal bulkhead damage (additional charge)
  • Spinner re-polish (note that results may vary depending on incoming condition)
  • Six-month warranty on repair location(s) - limitations listed below*
  • Final Inspection and signed off FAA Form 8130-3

Two, Three and Four Bladed spinners repaired for a fraction of new replacement.  While we strive to never exceed 50% new part price, our spinner repair pricing is typically $575-$675 plus return shipping charges.**  Please contact us direct at 404-559-1946 with your spinner part number and details for to to provide a specific repair quote.  Or, you can drop us an email at with your part number, pictures of the defects, and airplane make/model.  Our goal is to work with our customers to provide economical repair solutions where possible versus customers having to buy a new replacement spinner, so call or email us today.

Please note, your spinner will be returned to you ready for paint and with an FAA Form 8130.

We also have some exchange repaired/serviceable spinners available if you need one fast.  We may also be able to provide up to $100 for your core exchange, depending upon repairability of your spinner.**  Again, please contact us for specific part number availability and quote.


*Repair Cost & Warranty Limitations: ASEI, Inc., in its sole discretion, evaluates spinners for repairability and cost to repair. ASEI, Inc. provides a six-month warranty on repair services only, specific to the areas where repairs are performed and found not to be caused by circumstances beyond ASEI's reasonable control. The warranty period begins on the ASEI, Inc. invoice date and ends six calendar months afterward. The warranty does not include the cost of shipping charges to or from the customer for the initial or any subsequent shipment(s). The maximum warranty coverage for any part is limited to only the price of the repair service charged by ASEI, Inc., which may be partially or fully refunded, at ASEI's sole discretion, for a part which is deemed to be unrepairable by ASEI, Inc.

**Some spinners inevitably will not be economically feasible for repair, depending on new part price or the amount of work required. Also lower cost spinners where the minimum $575 repair cost would exceed 50% of new replacement may not be achievable. In either of these instances, it will be the customer's decision on whether to have the repair performed at the price quoted.