Note: All work must be accomplished in accordance with the applicable propeller manual, applicable OEM Maintenance Manual, and FAA AC 43.13-1A. Following these instructions will ensure that you spinner will last for many flight hours.

1. Paint the spinner desired color.

2. Fit the spinner on the aircraft. Use the shims provided to adjust height so the holes line up with the bulkhead (if required).

CAUTION: Ensure spinner is installed on the correct side (on 2 propeller A/C with counter-rotating props) to prevent damage to the spinner.

3. Tighten checknut on the propeller dome and safety wire (if required).

4. Install screws securing the spinner to the bulkhead. Use fiber/nylon washers and do not over torque.

5. Check charge in the propeller dome and service (if required).

6. Install spinner cap if (required).

7. Make logbook entry and return aircraft to service.